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Reserve Art

Up-to-Date Availability, Details by Piece, Book Flash Online 

Click on a design to see further details such as price estimates, sizing, and ideal placements.

Available pieces will display a purchase price, this will act as your deposit with successful online payment. The deposit is down payment to reserve the art, it is non-refundable but will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo. The final price will be determined from the estimate range provided per piece, the total depending on size, placement, and choices such as adding colour inks. The remaining balance will be due at the tattoo appointment. Claimed pieces are automatically marked as "sold" after the online sale is complete. Each piece is only tattooed once, unless otherwise stated as repeatable. I am open to creating variations on a theme if your favourite piece is already sold. I'm working on sorting through all of my designs - there's a lot of them - and I'll be continuously adding more to this section. I will also periodically remove sold artwork. If you're curious about a piece that you don't see here, just send me an email for availability.

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