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  • How can I book a tattoo?
    You can now conveniently book flash and appointment dates on my website. Book Flash Check out this page in the booking section for available flash pieces with details on sizing, placement suggestions, and pricing estimates. The $100 purchase price will act as your deposit and reserve that piece just for you, marking it as sold. Flash designs are unique and will not be repeated, unless otherwise stated, but I am always open to creating new variations on a theme. I'm still working on uploading my older flash drawings to this section, so if you don't see something you're interested in, just email with a screenshot of the art. Include your ideal size and placement and I can let you know if its available along with a price estimate. Book Dates Check out this page in the booking section for available days/times by project type within a 90 day window. If you're looking for a custom drawn tattoo, I recommend filling out the custom request form to discuss your ideas and pricing. Select Flash Tattoo Appointment for pre-drawn art. If you've already reserved a flash piece online, it will come with a discount code to waive the $100 date booking fee. All payments made towards art and date reservations will act as deposits to be deducted from the final price of your tattoo. Select Custom Tattoo Appointment when you're ready to get started on your custom art and set a date. If you are open to design choices and pricing options, feel free to proceed with booking directly but I generally recommend filling out the Request a Custom Art Quote form first. This way we're on the same page about designs and pricing before going ahead with the non refundable deposit. I highly recommend booking through my website as it allows you to see what's available in real time. While I strive to keep up with emails, lengthy back-and-forth exchanges can sometimes delay the booking process, resulting in your preferred art or dates becoming unavailable. I will still accept email inquires, just include as much detail as possible and note the following: Let me know which piece or what kind of design you are looking for. Please know that I only tattoo my own art, I am focusing on pre-drawn flash art and custom in that style. Include your ideal size, placement, and ink/colour preferences. Please send relevant photos, especially if your placement is a tight fit between other tattoos or meant to be a coverup. It's ok if you're not totally sure of all the details but a general idea will help me get ready for the appointment and determine a price estimate. You must be over that age of 18 with a valid photo ID in order to get tattooed, regardless of parental consent. I aim to respond within a week's time, but sometimes life gets busy and it may take a bit longer. I really appreciate your patience. Feel free to follow up If you haven't heard back after 2 weeks, mistakes happen and I may have accidentally skipped your email.
  • How does a custom art request differ from flash?
    Flash: Flash is just another name for pre-drawn designs that I would love to tattoo. You can find my flash art on Instagram and in the Book Flash section of this website with relevant details such as minimum size, pricing, and placement suggestions. If all the details work for you, and the design is available, its quick and easy reserve the artwork with a deposit. Conveniently Book Dates online as well, within a 90 day window, whenever you are ready. I'm still working through uploading older designs, and in general, this website will always be a work in progress. If you don't see a design you're interested in, please send me an email and I'll get back to you. I only tattoo each flash piece once, unless otherwise stated, but may draw alternative versions with slight variations for new flash or custom pieces. You can request this if your favourite design has already been done. Custom: I'm always open to working on your ideas too and I'd love to create something special just for you. Check out this Request a Custom Art Quote form to guide you through some project considerations. If you'd prefer to discuss in person, book an In-Person Consult. There is a consult booking fee, it is non refundable to cover my time, but it will act as a deposit if you proceed with booking a tattoo. The custom art design process will include an idea sketch phase sent via email for discussion, and then revisions based on your feedback. I'll give you an idea on timing and what to expect based on when you set your Custom Tattoo Appointment date. Consider booking at least 2 weeks ahead to allow us time to work on your ideas. I'm definitely open to flash and custom, just please know that I only tattoo my own art in my own style. I'm open to commission artwork as well, tattoo-related or not. Find more info on this and a quote request form here.
  • How do you price tattoos?
    I price by piece instead of an hourly rate, providing you with a quote range based on sizing, style, placement, and time to tattoo. Factors such as custom art, placement other than an arm or leg, colour ink, and large-scale/multiple-session pieces may increase the over all price estimate. Minimum pricing is $200 for flash and $250-300 for custom at a minimum size of 3x3 inches. I generally don't take on anything smaller than that, unless combined into a larger tattoo appointment. The average flash piece probably falls in the range of $400-800. Most flash pieces will have a recommended minimum size, according to the level of detail. Sometimes there will be an ideal place on to the body for a particular design, although placement usually pretty flexible. A deposit will be required to book, more info about that in the deposit section of the FAQ. If you are working with a set budget, you can let me know. I will try to accommodate your needs or make suggestions for affordability.
  • How much is the deposit?
    A deposit will be required to book and the amount may vary depending on your project and preferences. A $100 deposit is required to reserve pre-drawn flash art. A $200 deposit is required to book custom work. Additional deposits may be required to reserve multiple dates for ongoing projects. Deposits are non refundable but do get deducted from the final price of your tattoo. All payments made towards reserving art and/or dates online will contribute to your deposit. The remaining portion of the final price will be due at your appointment. I will honour your deposit at a later date if you need to reschedule but require a minimum of 48 hours notice. If you reschedule more than once or with less than 48 hours notice, I may require another deposit. If you do not give notice and do not show up to the scheduled appointment, you will forfeit your deposit.
  • How can I make payments?
    Deposit payments can be made through this website, or E-transfer/PayPal directly through email. At your appointment, you may pay with cash, electronically via PayPal or E-transfer, or with debit/credit card plus applicable taxes.
  • Where are you located?
    717 Queen St E, 201 My location is a second floor walk-up, involving stairs, in the Riverside neighbourhood of Toronto. The closest intersection is Queen St E and Broadview Ave. There is parking nearby in a Green P lot, on Broadview just north of Queen. Street parking may also be an option but please check out the signage for time restrictions. I will send a confirmation email once your appointment is booked in with further details. This is a private studio space so please make an appointment, I don't accept walk-ins or have regular hours to stop by.
  • Can I get your art tattooed by an other artist? Do you sell tattoo tokens?
    I do a general tattoo token as well as some repeatable flash designs. The online purchase of any of these will act as my approval to use my artwork, granting permission to get it tattooed by an artist of your choice. A download file will accompany the purchase of repeatable designs with printouts of the artwork. I am also open to creating art just for you, tattoo-related or not. If you love my work but live far from Toronto and can't come to get tattooed, consider commissioning some artwork. Check out the Commissions page for further details about the process and find a form to fill out for a price quote. As always, feel free to use my work as inspiration, as a starting point. I don't mind at all if you and your chosen artist come up with your own rendition of whatever concept you're most interested in. I can't exactly prevent copying but I ask respectfully, please don’t copy my work or use it without permission. I do intend to tattoo the pieces I draw and consider the art to belong to myself and the client. In my opinion, you’ll get a better tattoo experience if you trust your chosen artist and let them create something in their style and uniquely for you. In addition, my art has a high level of detail and personal touch, qualities that can be lost or compromised when reproduced. I strongly recommend thorough research before getting tattooed, all artists are different and have their own strengths and styles. Seeing healed work is one of the best ways to set your expectations, just keep in mind that there are a lot of variables when it comes to tattoos and how they will look over time. ​
  • Do you take commissions or sell your artwork?
    I am open to art commissions and other artistic endeavours, tattoo-related or not, and schedule allowing. Check out this commission page in the booking section for further details and fill out the request form to receive a pricing quote. Feel free to reach out about buying physical art, I have many originals and make prints on occasion. Some things will not be for sale, but there’s no harm in asking. I'm in the process of cataloguing what pieces I have on hand and plan to expend the art section of my shop once I'm a bit more organized.
  • What else should I know before getting tattooed?
    If this is your first tattoo or your first time working with me, I do have a couple tips and requirements to be aware of. You must be over that age of 18 with a valid photo ID in order to get tattooed. Please inform me if you have any allergy concerns or known skin ailments. Eat moderately and stay hydrated before you get tattooed. This will help with pain tolerance and help you avoid feeling faint. Feel free to bring a drink and/or a small snack with you, something with sugar can help you get through it. Eating after is also a good idea. Wear clean clothes that aren't important to you, just in case ink or stencil gets on your clothing. Layers are also a good idea because you may feel hot during the tattoo and cold after. If you've never been tattooed, it's hard to describe the feeling. It does hurt but everyone handles it in their own way. I often compare it to scratching over a sunburn because there can be a sensation of heat along with pain. Just breath to get through it, communicate if you're having a really hard time, and take breaks only if you really need to. From personal experience taking breaks doesn't always help and going back to the pain after a long break can feel even worse. Please factor in rest and healing time to your planning and check out the more detailed aftercare section of the FAQ. Clean sheets, towels, and clothing are recommended for afterwards and you may want to pick up a scent-free gentle soap and water-based moisturizer ahead of time. I think that covers that basics but please email me if you have additional questions or need clarification.
  • What are your aftercare instructions?
    Aftercare instructions can vary, this is just a run-down of what works well for me personally and my type of work. Bandaging I will most likely apply a second skin style adhesive bandage. Ideally, you will leave your bandage on overnight, 24-48 hours. I generally don't recommend leaving second skin bandages on for longer, especially if you have skin sensitivities or haven't used second skin bandages before. If you've had experience with longer wear times or you're travelling, we can discuss other strategies such as applying a fresh bandage at the 24 hour mark. If you've been given an additional bandage, the second piece should be applied after showering as soon as your skin is dry. Make sure your hands are clean to do so. You can trim the size and round the corners of the bandage for comfort but use clean scissors and leave a minimum 2 inch boarder beyond all sides of the tattoo. Don't leave it uncovered for a long time and then re-cover it. This second piece can stay on a bit longer for 2-3 days, as long as you are not experiencing irritation. In any case, it is normal to see some blood or inky fluids under the bandage. If the bandage is excessively full of fluids, leaking, or falling off, remove it in the shower and follow the cleaning instructions bellow. If you are experiencing itching, irritation, or redness around the edge of the bandage you may be sensitive to the adhesive. This may become more likely or apparent the longer the bandage in on the skin. Take off the bandage and do not recover it if this is a concern. If you have major skin sensitivities or known allergies to adhesives, we can use an alternative means of bandaging. Tattoo armour pads are recommended for 12 - 24 hours of wear. Follow the same cleaning instructions and use water to help release the bandage if its sticking to you skin. Cleaning and Caring for Your Tattoo Take your bandage off in the shower and then dispose of it. Get it wet first and peel it off from the top corner moving with the direction of hair growth. With warm water, a gentle soap and a clean hand, gently rub over the surface of the tattoo washing away any fluids that have been under the bandage. Use a fresh clean towel after your shower to avoid bacteria. Either air dry the fresh tattoo or gently pat dry with a clean paper towel. You want your tattoo to breath so wear loose clothing over it and try not to sleep directly on it. Fresh clean sheets and clothing are also a good idea following a new tattoo. Fresh tattoos may weep onto light coloured fabrics in the first day or two. After the initial cleaning when the bandage comes off, you do not have to actively clean your tattoo with soap and water. This can actually overly dry it out, cause irritation, and the potentially cause fading or fallout, increasing the chance up needing a touch up. Also try to avoid excessive sun exposure for the same reasons. Keep your tattoo as clean and dry as possible, shower as normal but do not soak a healing tattoo in a bath or scrub at it. This extends to hot tubs, saunas, pools, lakes, etc. which should be avoided until fully healed. I recommend taking it easy with gym activity, especially in the first week after a new tattoo. Be sure to clean gym equipment before and after using it to avoid the spread of bacteria and shower afterward to wash off the bacteria resulting from sweat. Healing Most tattoos heal in 2-4 weeks although healing time varies depending on the person, placement, size and style of the tattoo. A healing tattoo may feel warm and sensitive and may appear reddish in the first few days. It will then start to feel tight as it airs out and closes over. A light scab will form and flake off as the skin underneath heals. At this stage the tattoo may feel itchy, but it is important not to scratch or pick at it. I personally recommend a semi dry healing method in which minimal moisturizer is used, especially during the first few days of the healing process. If you can, wait about 1 week before applying moisturizer so your tattoo has a chance to close up a bit first. You may moisturize lightly to relive itching, using an unscented water-based lotion (such as Dove, Lubriderm, etc). Wait until the tattoo has flaked off before applying sunscreen. Remember, you want your tattoo to breath, do not smoother it and avoid heavy lotions and oils during the healing process. Once fully healed, you may apply whatever you'd like to your skin over the tattoo. Summary I've found that the best strategy for healing a tattoo is to basically leave it alone. Keep it clean and dry and touch it as little as possible. Moisturize when needed to sooth the skin and relieve itching. Do not soak, scrub, or scratch it. Remember, every artist is different and will probably recommend what works well with their style. If you already have tattoos and know what works well for you, you're welcome to use your own methods. In addition, healing can differ person to person and in different areas of the body. Do not hesitate to ask for a touch up if needed and let me know if you have any questions at all. I recommend asking a professional such as myself instead of google or your friends.

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