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Commission Artwork

Looking for something created just for you?

If you appreciate my style and have a project in mind, let's discuss how we can transform your ideas into art! Whether it's a personal or professional endeavour, tattoo-related or not, I'd love to create a one-of-a-kind art piece just for you. Here's an overview of how my  typical process: 1. Request a Quote: It all begins with your ideas, your vision, your story. Don't worry if you haven't figured everything out yet; that's where I can lend a hand. Fill out the request form below, and include as much detail as possible. Let me know what's most important to you for this project, your ideal timeline and formats for the finished work. The more you share, the better I can grasp your needs and directions. 2. Consultation: I'll respond with my thoughts and any questions I may have. We'll discuss further to clarify the vision and direction for the project. Following this, I'll provide a personalized quote along with deposit information. 3. Idea Sketches and First Review: To proceed to this stage, a deposit will be required. Once you're ready to proceed, I'll start sketching some rough ideas for your feedback. You'll have the chance to review and propose any changes. This is the best time to really let me know what you like or don’t like, to ensure we're on the right path and avoid major changes later on. 4. Artwork Creation: With your feedback and directions, I'll move onto the final artwork, aiming to capture your creative vision. 5. Final Review and Adjustments: You'll have the opportunity to review the final artwork and suggest any last-minute changes. I'm committed to creating something you'll love, and minor adjustments at this phase are absolutely doable. Major changes, depending on the extent of rework, may impact the overall pricing. 6. Final Payment and Delivery: Upon approval of the final artwork, you'll receive an invoice. Once the final payment has been settled, your finished artwork will be delivered digitally or physically, as per your specifications. I'm confident in my creativity and ability to bring your vision to life in a manner that meets your expectations. I'll maintain open communication throughout the process and work diligently to provide you with your finished artwork within the agreed-upon timeline. Let's embark on this journey together and make some art!

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