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What are you reading / listening to?

There was a long stretch where I wasn't really reading much at all, telling myself - I'd really like to get back into it one day... And then, I tried audiobooks!

While physical books have their appeal, and some books are best this way, the stillness required to sit down with a book on paper can literally put me to sleep.

How often to you just sit still?!

Audiobooks allow me to multitask, fitting seamlessly into art activities, like drawing, and mundane tasks like commutes and household chores. Unlike background TV, listening to a book doesn't have a visual element to miss or feel totally distracted by.


So why reading?

The world of literature is pretty astounding, there is so much out there!

Looking for an escape or an exercise of imagination - immerse in some fiction and get lost in some storytelling. Looking to learn - explore some non-fiction, there's an endless range of information out there on a wide array of topics.

When it comes to learning, I opt for audiobooks over podcasts. I appreciate the organized structure and research that goes into writing a book, especially when narrated well. Podcasts have their merits, of course, but meandering conversations, ads, or product placements can get distracting. Sometimes I just want the info, maybe you can relate.

Give audiobooks a try!

If you haven't already, or maybe even a retry.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get started, with some pros and cons of each:

  1. Public Library Apps: (I use the Toronto Public Library version)

  • Pros: Free access to a variety of audiobooks and e-books. Ideal for testing the waters without a financial commitment.

  • Cons: Limited availability, waiting holds, and time constraints.

  1. Audible App:

  • Pros: Cost-effective subscription model, providing a wide range of audiobooks. Credits allow for affordable purchases, with added benefits like Audible Plus (free content for members).

  • Cons: Requires payment, generally limited to one book per month, and challenging to share your books with friends and family.

  1. Apple Books:

  • Pros: Seamless sharing within Apple Family groups for iPhone users. Useful charts and recommendations.

  • Cons: Some audiobooks can be expensive, limited to Apple users.


Personal goals with reading and blogging:

My reading style does present some challenges...

I tend to bounce between books, selecting reads based on my mood or the busyness on any given day, resulting in multiple books ongoing at once. Admittedly, this habit may not suit everyone. However, juggling one or two non-fiction books with a fictional story for balance, really works for me. It might seem unconventional, but non-fiction can be intense, or lean towards that homework type of feel. This way I can chip away at the learning with lighter reads sprinkled in.


The risk of information blending between books is real, where did I read this or that fact? What was I reading that lead to this artistic inspiration?

There are so many nuances and take aways that I wish I had kept better track of.

I aim to regularly share updates on my current (and past) reads, along with a few insights from each. These reading posts will mainly serve as a personal record and archive, but I'd also love for this to turn into a conversation, a source of inspiration, or a shared enthusiasm.

The sea of books is fast, it can be tough to navigate or intimidating to get back into, but well worth it. Happy reading!!

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