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New Year, New Sketchbook

2023 was a great year professionally, but for a whole bunch of different reasons, I didn’t get to draw as much as I would have liked. I miss it! Drawing for fun has been such a great outlet for me, as well as a driver behind my whole creative career. So, it’s a new year and a new sketchbook - 2024, let's get back to it!!

Art Challenge 2024:

16 sketchbook pages this January

Freehand only; planning digitally is okay, but no tracing.

Permanent mediums only, such as pens and markers; nothing that erases.

Aiming for illustrative concepts that could be flash pieces but don’t have to be tattooable.

No page ripping - the sketchbook will remain intact no matter what.

Let’s start with January - I would like to complete 16 sketchbook pages by the 31st. I think this is an achievable goal but will reevaluate at the end of the month. My goal here is to get back into a regular habit. I want to practice the hand-eye-mind connection, the sense of space and proportion, the ability to problem solve, and letting go of perfection. Choosing permanent mediums and trying to finish each page with one drawing, without tracing or ripping out pages, will help loosen up the process and achieve these goals. Finally, I want to translate my thoughts and feelings into visual art, building a new catalogue of ideas through this month and hopefully the whole year.

I've got 4 drawings so far, and I'm excited to see what comes next.

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