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Inky Deep Whale Print 8x10

Inky Deep Whale Print 8x10

This mushroomy whale art piece is a one-of-a-kind print on 65lb matte cardstock, bright blue and hand stained with ink, with white Gelly Roll pen highlights drawn on top.
Due to the nature of wet ink staining the paper is slightly warped at the edges but will sit flay in a frame. 

The outer dimensions are 8x10 inches, a standard size for easy framing.

The frame pictured is not included, it's only meant as example for display.


All prints will be shipped with care, in "stay flat" mailers and protected with a waterproof cover. 
All artwork created by Rozlyn Dubz, originally handdrawn on watercolour paper with ballpointpen, then scanned and printed in high resolution. Drawn, printed, packed, and sold by the artist.

Thanks so much for the support and hope you enjoy this art print!

  • Size

    8x10 inches

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