Rozlyn Dubz

Tattoo artist and designer

based in downtown Toronto

Available by appointment only

Please email to book​

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Frequently Ask Questions

How to book?

Please email to book, include a description of what you'd like to get tattooed, if you would like colour or not, along with what size and placement you are thinking.

This is how I will determine a price quote, I price by piece not by hour.

Please note that I am focusing on predawn flash art in my style, I am moving away from custom work and will only consider larger scale projects specific to my style.

I am not accepting friend tattoo requests at the time.

Can I buy your art?

If you love my work but live far from Toronto, you can reach out about buying art.

Some things will not be for sale, but there’s no harm in asking.

I ask respectfully, please don’t copy my work or use it without permission.

I intend to tattoo the pieces I draw and consider the art to belong to myself and the client.

I'm happy to act as inspiration but in my opinion, you’ll get a better tattoo experience if you trust your chosen artist and let them create something in their style, uniquely for you.

Please note that my art has a high level of detail and personal touch,

qualities that can be lost or compromised when reproduced.

Always do research before getting tattooed.