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Mix and Match Skulls

Mix and Match Skulls

$100 deposit, books 1 or 2 for you, or for you and a friend. 

  • 1 person / 1 design - $140-180, 1 person / 2 designs - $220-250 total
  • 2 people / 1 design each - $240-260 total - $120-130 per person
  • 2 inches tall minium up to 3.5, it is possible to increase the size or to add colour but this will increase the price quote.
  • This purchase price will act as your $100 deposit, to be deducted from the final price of your tattoo. The remaining balance will be due at your appointment. Payments can be made in person with card, E-transfer, PayPal, or cash.
  • Dates must be reserved separately, within 1 year from art reservation payment. The confirmation email you will recieve after successfully reserve this art piece will come with a discount code to waive the date booking fee. Check out the “Reserve Dates” section of "Booking" for current and up to date availability. Select a day that works best and reserve it directly through the site.

Please read all terms and conditions before making any payments, feel free to reach out with additional questions.

Thanks for looking and hoping to work with you!

  • Size

    2-3.5 inches tall.

  • Price

    $120-260 estimated, depending number of designs, per person, sizing, and placement.

  • Placement


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